you wanted to know what was inside my head

sounds so silly
silly willy nilly notes
slapped together muddled mushed
mushy tune mushy and sweet
sexy and lovey dovey rhymey and
rhythmic swishy and raw like sushi
cushy to break my fall yes such a deep fall
tumbled tendrils-in-eyes whiney girly fall
mute shy giggle giggle flirty song
flirty phone flirty poem flirt hurt flirt hurt
and (lo and behold) hurt again
cuz guess what you silly sexy song
you taught me that I don't sing as well as I
need to needs yes needs not-wants don't-want-to-need
and then--the hope? hits me smack on the boob
smack on the butt what wasn't expecting to like
you no smack no more no need more more more
cuz I'm finally sure sure sure that I shoulda
(coulda woulda) shoulda needed brains needed pains needed
you then now tomorrow but naive me
let you go-no-know! when here near you first said

“Then take me.”

sounded so silly then
sounds so silly now

(c) 1998-2003 Rachel Rossos.