Pop culture’s playground

Next block, naked cowboy
with tighty whities that accent
the white in his speckled purple guitar.
A blonde girl with a fanny pack
flanked by theaters, cell phones, spray-painted Twin Towers,
hides behind her camera
snapping to the beat of squealing buses.
white, blue, neon red blinking
a circus without any clowns,
accompanied by a flamenco soundtrack
and supple women
who can cartwheel without touching the ground.

The girl finishes her roll of film.
She eagerly inhales incense, coffee, hot dogs,
not knowing that tonight she’ll scrub to rid
herself of the smoke and exhaust
that collaborate with those smells to saturate
her hair and skin with a sour stench.
For now, she gnaws her free Baby Ruth
before turning into Planet Hollywood,
lured by a $3 mixed drink.
A speckled clown crosses the street.

(c) 1998-2003 Rachel Rossos.