Rachel Rossos and Michael Gallant
Autumn Leaves

Release Date: June 24, 2010

Available on CD Baby.com


    1.Autumn Leaves

Words and Music by Michael Gallant
Lead Vocals and Acoustic Piano by Michael Gallant
Backing Vocals by Rachel Rossos
Produced by Rachel Rossos and Michael Gallant
Additional Vocal Production by Raz Kennedy

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, September 2009
Engineered by Jesse Nichols
Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Michael Romanowski

Photograph by Clara Shen

Ol Cheeky Bastards

Ol' Cheeky Bastards
Bag O'Tricks

Release Date: Spring 2008

Available on CDBaby.com and through Vagrant Records

Tracks 7 and 11, backing vocals by Rachel Rossos

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    1. Borstal Boys
    2. Church of the Holy Spook
    3. Hand Bags & Glad Rags
    4. Mi Hijo Mi Futuro Mi Vida (Instrumental)
    5. On The Beach
    6. Pumpkins Fancy (Instrumental)
    7. Six Men of Birmingham (not work safe or suitable for kids)
    8. Rainy Nite
    9. Bottle of Smoke
    10. Scooter Boy
    11. Ladies & Gentlemen

Bohemian Fusion

Nick Rossos
Bohemian Fusion

Release Date: Summer 2007

Available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

Track 3, music, lyrics, guitar and vocals by Rachel Rossos
Track 4, vocals by Rachel Rossos


    1. I Love You
    2. Guitar Talk
    3. Dear Mother - Rachel Rossos
    4. Bordentown Christmas
    5. A Happy Song - The Greek Sandouri
    6. Greek Fusion
    7. Let's Dance (The Greek Blues)
    8. Dear Nick - Jazz
    9. Dear Nick - Orchestration
    10. Flower My Flower
    11. Cathexis
    12. Eric Clapton At The Royal Albert Hall
    13. Will You Marry Me
    14. Forever

Rachel Rossos - Rated R

Rachel Rossos
Rated R

Release Date: October 15, 2004

Available on CDBaby.com, TowerRecords.com,
MSN Music, and iTunes.

Rachel Rossos
Promo CD 2/8/03

Release Date: February 2003


(c) 2003 Rachel Rossos
All songs and poems written, performed,
and engineered by Rachel Rossos except:
Tracks 1 and 6 engineered by Tom Marolda;
Tracks 3 and 5, lyrics by Mike Nabinger; and
Track 3, guitar by Mike Nabinger.


    1. Dear Mother
    2. you wanted to know what was inside my head
    3. Ebony
    4. she's on my mind again
    5. Ebony (the drip version)
    6. A Look

Nick Rossos

Release Date: 1998

Available on CDBaby.com, TowerRecords.com,
and iTunes

Tracks 1 and 8, lyrics by Rachel Rossos
Tracks 6 and 7, vocals by Rachel Rossos
Track 9, backing vocals by Rachel Rossos